5 Asian E-Commerce Sites You Gotta Shop

It’s no surprise that online shopping is taking off in a bigger way. You could get your favourite dress or beloved accessories just at your fingertips.  With the dramatic growth of TaoBao, the most popular Chinese online shopping platform, many western shoppers would like to get their hands on those beautiful yet affordable cloths overseas. However, due to the language barrier, many westerners can’t take advantage of this great shopping platform. Although there are many “middle-man” sites that can either help you to shop Taobao in English or offer easy payment and shipping method, compares to the usual one-stop-online-shopping experience (browse->choose>-pay->receive), this is just not the same.

Many smart e-commerce companies spotted this opportunity and started to bring Asian fashion to the western market, and by choosing non-Asian models, setting up free shipping worldwide and having many other great strategies, these Asian E-Commerce sites have successfully entered the global market. So today I’d like to share 5 Asian E-Commerce sites with you.




1. ChicWish

This Hong Kong based online giant has been making its way to the top by having their pieces worn by super bloggers, like Alexandra Pereira of Lovely Pepa, Jane Aldridge from Sea Of Shoes and more. When I found out they are from China, first thing popped in to my mind was “Oh, this can’t be good” (I’m not going to lie). However, after seeing a $30 CAD dress (tax included) plus free shipping, I decided to give it a try. Orders came in fair quickly consider they were shipped all the way from the other side of the world, and the quality is for sure better than I thought. Well, not the most luxurious, but definitely worth your money.

这个来自香港的网购站可以说这几年做得越来越成功,还吸引了许多欧美的超级博主来捧场,比如说像 Lovely Pepa 的Alexandra Pereira 等等。一开始当我发现这个网购站是来自中国时,不瞒你说,我确实有所保留。不过,看见他们家东西确实很便宜,一条漂亮的裙子才30加元左右,还包税,并免费邮寄,我心动了,决定试试。不到两个星期我就收到了,这速度对于海外邮寄来说还是相当不错的。尽管质量不能说有多么好,但是以它的定价来说,绝对实惠。

2. Front Row Shop

I have to proudly admit that this site is the recent greatest discovery of mine. It has been a window shopping paradise to me and I’m loving every single piece on their site.  Front Row Shop is a TaoBao born online retailer, founded by emerging Chinese designer Wendy. Just as its name, it offers high-end design with low-end prices for people who are willing to step out of their comfort zone and wear something statement-making. And trust me, the dress I ordered from them was one of my favourite dresses of all time. And I paid $35 during their anniversary sale.

我可以自豪的向你介绍这家我最近的大发现。他们家简直是我的天堂啊。Front Row Shop是一家从淘宝起家的品牌,由中国上海的才女设计师Wendy创立。正如其名,他们家的衣服可以说非常有特色,也很适合那些比较个性的同学们穿,并且价格确实非常合理。我在他们家周年纪念打折时买了一条裙子,花了35加币,我是爱不释手啊。

Last seen here

3. Miamasvin

Compared to the rest online shopping sites I’m sharing with you, this Korean-born e-commerce site is for sure very “home-made”. Their collections are always modeled on CEO Youngran Kim herself on the site, which is a very interesting concept since it could avoid being too commercial. However, there are two things I need to remind you. First thing is that the pieces they carry are normally one-sized and very small. Secondly, the shipping is considered pretty expensive compares to its fellow competitors. Due to these two reasons, I haven’t ordered anything from them no matter how much I love their pieces.

相比于我今天介绍的其他家网购站呢,这家来自韩国的就让人感觉比较邻家了。他们所有的衣服和饰品都是由创始人Youngran Kim穿来展示的,我个人觉得这个感觉非常新颖,不会给人很商业化的感觉。不过有两件事要提醒大家。第一,他们家的衣服普遍偏小,并且很多都是均码的。第二,相比起竞争对手,他们家的邮寄费就比较贵了。这也是为什么我还没在他们买过东西的原因。

4. Runway Bandits

This Singapore based online shop is renown for its one-of-a-kind pieces with very affordable prices. Although I’ve never bought anything from them, many reviews done by fashion bloggers and Youtubers have been very positive.


5. Storets

Another online retail giant from Korea- Storets offers a fresh take on fast fashion. Their pieces are super stylish, bold, classic and one-of-a-kind. However, their prices are not really friendly. I’ve noticed that they have been gradually raising the prices on their merchandises over the past year. $200 dollars for a dress cannot be considered affordable online shopping. However, I do very much in love with their collections.


Last but not the least, I’d like to share few  things you need to be aware of when shopping on asian e-commerce sites(some also apply to general online-shopping)

1. Items on Asian e-commerce sites are usually smaller. So DON’T buy too many pieces at once on your first time and DO buy one size bigger.

2. Since the items are shipped from overseas, so please be patient as it generally takes 15 to 20 days to arrive, sometimes even longer.

3. Nowadays many asian e-commerce sites would share pictures of their customers wearing their pieces, so DO go check it out so you will get a better idea of what the pieces look like on real people.

4. More and more asian shopping sites are coming to the west, try to choose those ones have a good reputation and reviews. Do some research first before you pull the trigger as some of them might even be scams.

I’m sure there are many more great asian e-commerce sites . Please don’t hesitate to share if you know any good ones.
Thank you for reading!



2。 由于是从海外寄来的,所以一般邮寄时间比较长(15-20天左右)。有时甚至会更长。

3。 许多亚洲网购站近来都会分享顾客穿他们家衣服照的照片。你可以去看看,这样就可以更了解产品穿在真人身上是什么感觉。



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