Sneak Peek of Our New Adventure- SASHION

Hi guys,

Sorry for being MIA for a couple of weeks. Mr.S and I have been busy working on something very special and adventurous since last November and in the past month, this project was becoming more and more real so we had to dedicated ourselves fully. Today, we’re super excited to finally share our new adventure with you after months of months of work.

We will be starting an online shopping platform, named SASHION, that brings you the unique yet wearable pieces straight from independent designers.

The story of how we decided to start this business is very interesting. During our trip to China last August, I was amazed by the fact that many talented Chinese designers have emerged to the market with their unique and fresh designs. It wasn’t so much the case like four years ago seeing Chanel knockoffs and Kate Spade counterfeits everywhere. Honestly, I was impressed. And this really got me thinking.

While doing research for an article I wanted to write- 5 Emerging Chinese Designers You Gotta Know, I couldn’t help but saying “WOW” aloud. Designers like C.J Yao, WenJun and many more have taken their own labels to the major fashion weeks in London, Paris and New York.

I personally reached out to many talented designers around the world, from Shanghai to London, and we hope by bringing you the unique and good quality pieces, we will gradually change the image of “Made In China”.  We understand this can’t be done overnight, but we’re willing to give it a try and start here; we know this can’t be changed by one person or single organization, that’s why we hope you can join us.


在长达好久个月的努力之后,我终于可以跟大家分享我和S先生的一个人生的新篇章了。我们将会开一个设计师网购站,名叫SASHION,希望通过给大家带来高质量,新颖设计的衣服,能逐渐打破 “中国制造”的传统消极观念。

I’m not going to lie. Starting a business is super stressful and scary. But when I believe in it and have passion for it, everything becomes much easier and more fun!

We will be shooting our Look Book soon, so if you’d like to see all the behind-the-scene actions, please don’t forget to follow SASHION on  Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook .

Photography: Dina Ding 

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