Holiday Gift Guide- I Asked, They Answered!

Hi guys, hope you are having a great week so far.

We are fast approaching Christmas and New Year’s Eve. For this year’s holiday gift guide, i’m doing something different.  Instead of sharing a whole bunch of products I personally think or assume that you guys might like, I decided to ask other people’s opinions. So in today’s post, you will see 8 amazing people from different industries to share what gifts should and should’t buy for your significant others. Even though the suggestions and opinions can only represent their own points of view, some informative and helpful similarities and tips can still be gathered. I will make a brief conclusion at the end of this post.

Many guys often scratch their heads and don’t know what to get their girl for Christmas. Actually, we are not that difficult. So let’s see what are the DOs and DONTs!




1. Daniel Wellington $125 (here) | 2. Marc by Marc Jacobs via WatchIT $215 (here) | 3. Kate Spade $195 (here) | 4. Timex $90 (here) | 5. Kate Spade $150 (here)


1. Kate Spade $40 (here) | 2. Voluspa via Indigo $23 (here) | 3. JO Malone $65 (here) | 4. Anthropologie $26 (here) | 5. Dolce & Gabbana (here)


1. Bublebar $44 (here) |  2. Laura Cantu via SHOPBOP (here) | 3. Vanessa Arizaga $290 (here) | 4. Lulu Frost via J.Crew $390  (here) | 5. Valery Demure (here)


1. Bublebar $36 (here) | 2. J.Crew $118 (here) | 3. J.Crew $260 (here) | 4. Tiffany $460 (here) | 5. Kate Spade $48 (here)


So for guys, let’s see what they want and what they don’t!


1.  Daniel Wellington $250 (here) 2. Diesel via WatchIt $270 (here) | 3. Marc By Marc Jacobs $215 (here) | 4. Fossil $495 (here) | 5. Emporio Armani via WatchIt $290 (here) | 6. Lacoste via Hudson’s Bay $95 (here) | 7. Tietle via Etsy $69 (here) | 8. Mijlo $295 (here)


1. Club Monaco $28 (here) | 2. J. Crew $16.5 (here) | 3. Polo via Hudson’s bay $16  (here) | 4. Topman via Hudons’s Bay $6 (here) | 5. YO SOX $10.95 (here) | 6. Joe Fresh $8 (here)


1. Abercrombie & Fitch $94 (here) | 2. Lacoste $275 (here) | 3. A.P.C via The Gravity Pope $440 (here) | 4. Scotch & Soda $155  (here) | 5. Joe Fresh $99 (here)


 1.  Coach $128 (here) | 2. Bally via David Jones $295 (here) | 3. Burberry via Harry Rosen $325 (here) | 4. Marc By Marc Jacobs via David Jones (here) | 5. Fossil $45 (here ) | 6. Fossil $55 (here)

So during the Q & A process, I found out that girls really DON’T like receiving perfume- even the most classic Chanel No.5 is not for everyone. And girls generally like accessories- watches, earrings, and necklaces are the top hits. So guys, here you go!


As for guys, most of them like receiving watches for Christmas. And guess what, socks are the most wanted gifts! Surprising right?


As you can probably tell, I spent a lot of time doing this post- from interviewing people and gathering information to sourcing products and final editing. It’s a lot of work. But I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed working on it. Of course, what present to get also depends on your budget, how well you know that person and the recipient’s personality and preference. The more you know them, the easier for you to choose a great presents. I bet if you listen to and pay more attention to what she/he says and does, your gift will show.


Happy Holiday!


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