Winter Grey

Grey has been THE new black this winter. It’s such a humble shade that can compromise well with any other colours. Since this outfit has many different elements playing together, I’d rather go for a monochromatic look with simple and straightforward colour palette - grey, black and white.



Right now, I’m about to share something very personal. The night before, I was sent by the ambulance to an emergency centre due to a serious migraine and hyperventilation situation. This breakdown really is a wake-up call to me. My mom died from cancer when I was only 14 years old. She not only was an amazing mom and wife, but also a dedicated and goal-oriented superwoman. From what I could remember though, she always put everything as her priority except herself and her health. After she passed away, I promised myself that I’d never go down her path. However, lately, I’ve been keeping myself super busy- juggling with millions of things at the same time. So this hospital visit really gave me a lesson. Once someone told me a metaphor: “Health is the number ’1′ and the following ’0s’ could mean wealth, successful career and more. The more 0s are following, the bigger number it gets which means the better quality of life you might have, but when the ’1′ is gone, the rest of the 0s then mean nothing.”


Life can be very chaotic whether we are in our 20s, 30s or 40s. We could be caught up with many things at the same time- working, studying, volunteering, building a career, running errands for the family…the list can go on and on. However, no matter how busy we get, we should slow down and take sometime to rest and recharge. We can’t take care of anybody/anything else if we can’t even take care of ourselves. So through this lesson of mine, I highly encourage each one of you to take care of yourself. Health is important.

无论是在20,30, 还是40的年龄阶段,生活中都有各种杂七杂八的事情会让我们停不下来-工作,学习,做义工,事业,家庭琐事等等。不过,无论我们有多忙,事情有多少,我们都应该学会停下来给自己一些休息和充电的时间,因为如果我们不能照顾好自己的话,就别提照顾别人或者完成其他事情了。所以通过我的这次经历,我希望能鼓励大家多多珍惜自己的身体。健康最重要。

Winter-layersEmbellishment-head-warmer-sweater eyelashes-sunglasses Street-Style

Photography: Stephen Foks 

Sweater: Joe Fresh (get it here)
Cardigan: Bought in China (similar herehere)
Boots: Le Chateau (get it here)
Bag: Zara (old, similar here)
Ear Warmer: Aldo (get it here)
Sun glasses: Aldo (sold out, similar here)

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