Winter and Holiday Shopping at RainDrops (40% OFF)

Just in time for this holiday season, RainDrops Toronto is offering my readers 40% off to all the Winter items they are housing in their Yorkville store on Bloor Street.

Yesterday, I was invited to the store to meet up with the Co-Owner/ Senior Stylist of RainDrops, Natalie Jurcic, and to pick up some items I like. The space was full of goodies, from all kinds of winter coats, hats, boots to umbrellas. During the store tour with Natalie, my eyes were so occupied with cute and unique items around me that I couldn’t even 100% concentrate on the conversation with Natalie. I was talking to myself: Oh, look at this cute hat…oh, that umbrella is so adorable…LOL


Although there were plenty of options for winter coats in the store, I had to admit that this red one was for sure my favourite maybe because Christmas is around the corner? I simply couldn’t get enough of the detailed designs and light weight feel of this coat, yet its warmness and coziness.


If you are looking to buy some holiday presents for your or your friends’ children, RainDrops is definitely a great place to shop. They carry a wide variety of winter items for kids. I picked up this pair of rain boots without knowing it was actually a kids boots. But well, who cares? I’d love to be kids again.


Did you see anything you like in this post? If you did, I highly suggest don’t miss  out this exclusive offer and great opportunity to shop for less. But if you haven’t seen anything you like yet, don’t worry and stop by their store, I’m sure you will find the perfect gift for your friends, families, or even yourself.


P.S. 只要到店里,告诉他们你是我的读者就可以啦!

Photography: Stephen Foks

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