Second Annual Spark Sessions Blogger Conference
Spark Sessions第二届博主大会

Hi ya’ll, how was your weekend? Mine was pretty awesome! I spent my whole weekend at the Second Annual Spark Sessions Fashion and Beauty Blogger Conference with more than 250 bloggers.  It was a huge step up for the Spark Sessions team by tripling the numbers of attendees and getting great sponsors like Benefit Cosmetics, Verlico, Nivea and so many more.

嗨亲们,你的周末过得怎么样啊?我的过得挺棒的!我参加了由Spark Sessions举办的第二届一年一度的时尚和美容博主大会。本次的博主大会比起上届来说,可谓是更加成熟和成功了。不仅参与人数翻了好几番,参与的赞助商也多了好几倍。像什么贝玲妃Verlico, 和妮维雅等等这样不错的赞助商都一一加入。

It was a two-day conference packed with great presentations by industry insiders, experts and enthusiasts. However, the best part is getting the opportunity to meet and chat with fellow bloggers who are telling stories in a wide variety of fields- from fashion to beauty, from food to travel, and from relationship to entrepreneurship. Seeing the Canadian blogger community keeps booming is exciting yet intimidating. So many hard-working talents are out there to make it harder to standout. But what Vanessa Craft -the Beauty Director of Elle Canada- said at the conference really got me thinking: “Being better is simply not enough anymore. Start to think about how to be different.”

这个为期两天的博主大会满载着许多来自业界人士和专家的经验分享和专业演讲。但是,最重要的还是给予了博主们一个机会去认识其他的博主。从时尚达人到美妆爱好者,从美食分享家到旅行家,从两性问题专栏家到关注于独立企业家分析写手的,各种各样的博主给这个博客圈带来了各种各样的色彩,当然也带来了压力与竞争。不过,Elle加拿大的美妆主编Vanessa Craft的一句话点醒了我:“现在已经不简单地是做得更好。而是要开始想怎么才能与众不同。” 

If you’re thinking of starting a blog, try to be yourself- an interesting self. Being a blogger for over a year now, I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity to share some thoughts on my blogging journey. A lot of my friends often said to me: “I’m so jealous of you. You always receive many free products and get to invited to all kinds of events.” Well, this is definitely one of the rewarding parts of being a blogger, but free dinner never exits. But the truth is many behind-the-scenes actions have never been released. Blogging is a full-time job. It has already become part of my lifestyle. I didn’t realize how much dedication I‘ve put into this “business” till a fellow blogger at the conference reminded me. “The time that we spend on researching, doing photoshoots, editing photos, writing, twitting, instagraming, facbooking and so much more could add up to 60 hours a week,” she said. Yeah, many nights I would be writing a blog post with my eyes half opened at 2 a.m. after a 13-hour work day. On some nice sunny weekends, I can’t hang out with my friends because I need to do a photo shoot. The list goes on and on.

However, just like many other passionate bloggers out there, we love what we do and that’s what keeps us going. So this kind of social gathering event specifically catered to bloggers is incredibly amazing because it offers us opportunities to meet, share similar or unique experience, learn from one another and support each other.  I remember a social expert once told me: “A company will only succeed if they build a community.” This led me think about the success of Spark Sessions.

Started by eight bloggers, Spark Sessions is a great business model. It realized the community, organized it and eventually brought everyone together. PR reps, bloggers and brands are dots in a round circle and Spark Sessions is the one that connects them together. Although my blog is a different case, this is still a very valuable lesson to me.

如果你也想开始写博客的话,尝试做自己,把自己有趣的一面展现出来。我的博客已经一岁多了,所以我也想趁这个机会分享一下我对写博客的一些感受。我有些朋友经常跟我说:“好羡慕你啊。你总是可以收到那么多免费的产品。还被邀请参加各种各样的活动。”尽管这一切的确是当博主的一个好处,但是这世界上没有免费的午餐。实际上,在这一切光鲜亮丽之下,许多背后的艰辛是无人可知的。写博客是一个全职的工作并且已经成为我生活中一个非常重要的一块。我以前没有意识到我花了多少经历在这个上面直到这次一个博主提醒了我。“算一算你花在查资料,拍照片,PS照片,写文章,更新各种社交网络平台等等的时间,我们每周花在博客的身上可以达到60个小时。” 对啊,我在多少个夜深人静的夜晚写我的博客。多少个阳光明媚的周末不能和朋友出去玩因为我要完成博客的拍照。这样的例子还很多呢。

不过呢,就像许多其他的具有炽热之心的博主一样,我们热爱我们做的,这也是为什么我们一直停不下来的原因。所以像这样专门为博主准备的社交活动就给我们提供了许多互相了解,学习,分享和支持的机会。我记得有一个社交媒体专家告诉过我:“一个公司的成功取决于是否能建立一个社区。”这让我联想到了Spark Sessions的成功。

由8个博主建立的这个组织是一个非常成功的商业运作模式。他们意识到了这里有一个社区的存在需求,组织起来,并把大家都集合起来。品牌,品牌公关管理方还有博主,就像在一个圈子里的三点,然后Spark Sessions则充当了这个把我们连在一起的线。尽管我的博客跟这个不太一样,这对于我来说还是一个非常值得借鉴的经验。

Photography by me

Thanks every single one of you so so much for reading and being on this blogging journey with me. Your support means a lot! One kind comment you wrote would make my day. A little compliment could be the motivation for me to keep typing on a quite A.M. Thank you! Thank you!


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