RUDSAK SS14 Preview

Hi everyone, Happy Friday!! Any special plan for the weekend? Mr. S and I were invited to take a sneak peek to RUDSAK‘s 2014 Spring/Summer collection a couple days ago. Well, it shouldn’t really count as a “sneak peek” as we had already previewed it on the runway of World MasterCard Fashion Week (check out their runway show here). However, it did feel very good to see the collection fresh off the runway. And thanks to the great tour by the General Store Manager Matthew, we got to take a very close look at every single detail. And yes, I meant EVERY SINGLE detail.

嗨,大家好,周五愉快!这个周末有什么特别的计划吗?S先生和我前两天被邀请到了RUDSAK 2014年的春夏新装“提前看”。嗯,其实也不算是我们第一次看到这个系列了啦,早在加拿大时装周的时候,我们就已经目睹过这个系列的精彩了(来这里看看T台上的Rudsak吧)。不过,能亲眼看见从T台上新鲜出炉的服装还是感觉很兴奋的。并且,非常感谢门面经理Matthew的热情招待,让我们能仔细品味到每个细节。是的,每个细节!

The preview was held in the penthouse of Templar Hotel on Adelaide Street. Although the lighting might not be the best, it didn’t stop me from failing in love with the collection. As what the label is famous for, its SS14 collection still bravely plays with mixing and matching different fabrics and textures, and most importantly, continues to take good care of every detail. For example, a leather shoulder pad, zipper at the back, and well-tailored cut just added so much more character to the pieces.


Last but definitely not the least, thanks to the warm hospitality and the cutest brownie, which absolutely added some sweetness to my cold Fall day! :)

最后要提的是,感谢公司的热情招待和可爱的布朗尼饼干。这给我冰冷的一天带来了不少温暖! :)

Photography: Stephen Foks

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