Office Tour

Hi all, Today I’d like to take you on a tour in my little “office”- not too big but just enough for me to get creative. Mr.S and I live in a decent size one bedroom apartment. Although it’s far from the LOFT space I’ve always been dreaming about- high celling, brick walls, industrial pipes and so forth, it is still a very cozy place to call home.

One thing about me is that I always like facing a big window while sitting down doing my work. Whether it is writing a blog post, reading a fashion magazine, or just having a cup of coffee, looking outside of the window and taking in some fresh air virtually has been my favourite thing to do in the morning.


FIY. I don’t really have helium balloons in my apartment all the time. But unexpectedly, these beautiful balloons have been lasting a long time since January when I worked on a project with Benefit Canada (here). I didn’t want to throw them away because the uplifting holiday spirit they created is unspeakably pleasant. I believe flowers can do the same tricks.


I hope this tour can inspire you in any positive way. A place doesn’t have to be very spacious. As long as you are willing to put your heart and time into decorating and organizing it, it will turn into a cozy and beautiful space. I believe home is where the heart is.


Hope you enjoy this post and have a great week!


Photography: By Me (Sasha)

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