Lotus Leaf SS14 Preview + Holiday Shopping Guide
Lotus Leaf公司媒体日+购物指南

Hi everyone, happy Monday! Finally, Mr. S and I have moved to our new home in Toronto. YEAH!! Although the process was quite stressful (packing, moving, unpacking, organizing…), the result is definitely pleasant. Since we were occupied with the move, we are a little bit behind the blog post schedule.  However, hopefully we are right on time to share some holiday goodies with you. We were very excited to be invited to Lotus Leaf Communications‘ PressDays at the end of November to take a sneak peek to the Spring/Summer Collections from brands like Guess, MinkPink, Rain Drop, and many more. It was definitely a very warm atmosphere with cupcakes and snacks, and most importantly, was full of goodies that would be available this Spring.  Want to skip Winter? I know I do!

嗨,亲们,周一愉快!我和S先生总算搬到我们的新窝啦。开心!尽管搬家的过程比较痛苦(打包,搬运,再拆包,整理。。。),结果绝对是值得的。不过,正因为这次搬家,我们有点跟不上博客的原先计划了。但愿能赶上时间来跟你们分享一些过节可以购买的好东西吧。我们很荣幸在上个月末被邀请到了Lotus Leaf 公司的媒体日。那晚的整个气氛绝对很温馨,不仅有蛋糕和零食,更重要地是,还充满了各种好东西。你想要跳过冬天吗?我知道我可想啦!

At first, our eyes were in treat with all the beautiful watches. Oh my! They are not just simply a watch, but a statement accessory that could bring you from an office work day to a night out. To be honest, I’ve never heard about the store WatchIt before this event. But now, it is 100% on my top 5 watch shopping go-to list. They carry brands like Michael Kors, Fossil, Karl Lagerfeld, Nixon, and so many more. Whether you are looking for a practical watch, a luxurious accessory, or even just a minimal piece, you will find the right one just for you. Well, I’ve already picked mine, though I’m keeping it as a secret for now till I purchase it this Spring. Haha


Henkaa‘s collection was no doubt under the spot light during the PressDays. Famous for its convertible dress, the brand is successfully making its way to make everyday women happy and beautiful. A simple dress can be worn in over 20 ways. Can you believe that? Well,I didn’t, till I watched its tutorial video online (well, I still couldn’t believe my eyes). It’s purely magical and creative!


]Dr. Martens‘s SS14 collection will continue its rock’ n ‘roll style and British-college feel with more animal prints and colour patterns.

朝牌Dr. Martens2014的春夏系列还是会延续它一贯的朋克和学院风,不过这次加入了更多动物皮纹和彩色花纹等元素。

As usual, Manitobah Mukluks‘s shoes effortlessly offer the warm and cozy feel. Just by looking at them, I already could picture myself wearing them walking in a snowy day (I know, I love day dreaming).

Manitobah Mukluks雪地靴很自然地给人一种温暖舒适的感觉。就光是看着它,我就可以想象穿着它走在漫天飞舞的雪天的场景了。(是的,我喜欢做白日梦,嘻嘻)

Good thing about going to a Spring/ Summer preview is that I get to see all the items I like in advance, so I can start saving for them. On the other hand, it tickles my heart as I have to wait till Spring before I can take them home…Well, if you’ve already started your holiday shopping, I do want to share some items with you that you can purchase RIGHT NOW.


Guess Holiday13 Pleated Mini-Skirt- $79 (guess.ca)
Guess Holiday13 Sophia Moto Jacket- $168 (guess.ca)
Henkaa Sakura Maxi dress (Baby Pink)- $168 (henkaa.com)
Manitobah Mukluks Signature Collection Black Metis Mukluks- $329 (Manitobah.ca)
WatchIt- Michael Kors Runway Pyramid Stud- $220 (watchit.ca)

Happy shopping everyone! Although I understand how hard it is to say “NO” to an item you love, I’d still like to remind everyone to shop smart and watch your budget. Thank you so much for reading!

但愿大家购物愉快! 尽管我了解当看见一样自己喜爱的东西时,拒之以千里之外有多么难,不过我还是要提醒亲们聪明购物,小心超支。 :)感谢阅读!

Photography: Stephen Foks

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