Artemis Jewellery Pop Up Shop Launch

Hi everyone,
Honestly, although I’m neither a jewellery expert nor a girl who is obsessed with pearls or diamonds, I do often appreciate the design and hand-crafting uniqueness some statement accessories have to offer.

Last week I was invited to Artemis Fashion Jewellery pop up shop to personally taste some carefully selected jewellery that are made by designers around the world.  Artemis carries a magnificently-diverse collection. Whether you are looking for that “wow-aloud” piece to go with your prom dress; that classic yet unique bridal hair band to add more glamour to your wedding dress; that every-day necklace you can put on with a simple T-shirt and jeans to shine your or just a cute little key chain, I believe you can definitely find something you love.


Artemis says they are currently looking for a permanent location in downtown Toronto (Yeah!). 

Did you spot any pieces you like in this post? If nothing caught your eye yet, I highly recommend you head to their pop-up store at 84 Scolland ST. to check out a wide variety of collections.

他们家的这个在84 Scolland街临时商铺将会开到六月底,不过据老板说他们目前正在寻觅一个位于多伦多市中心的好位置来开长期的门面哦。尽情期待吧!

Thank you for reading! Talk soon!


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