Jeanne Beker X The Shoe Company

Canadian fashion icon- the most elegant, intelligent and sweetest Jeanne Beker has teamed up with The Shoe Company to offer an exclusive collection that is full of luxurious yet affordable shoes and bags. And guess what, the whole line will be available tomorrow (April 1st)- just in time for spring.

Couple of weeks ago I was invited to a sneak peek of the collection at The Shoe Company’s new Stockyards location. And I couldn’t express enough how excited I am for this collection. Whether you are looking for something sexy, edgy, cute, or comfortable, this collaboration got you covered. Take a look at the pieces I picked and of course you are more than welcomed to make your own decisions.

加拿大的时尚领衔者Jeanne Beker近来跟鞋子工厂合作共同打造出了一个既有高端品味又有不昂贵的系列。并且,整个系列将于明天也就是四月一号正式和大家见面。几周之前,我被邀请到鞋子工厂的Stockyeards新店去抢先提前看了这个系列的鞋子。不得不说,果然非常令人期待。无论你是想要买性感的,有个性的,可爱的,还是舒适的,你都能在这个系列里一一找到。我就选了一些我个人喜欢的。当然,我也相信你可以用心找出那款让你心仪的鞋子。

During the media event, Jeanne Beker talked about how dreamy this whole thing still was- to see the labels with her name on all the shoes seemed so abstract. She said she believed that fashion should be accessible and affordable, which is exactly what this shoe line is all about.


This pair of patent light green pumps is definitely my favourite from the collection. Not only the pointed shape and midi heels are right on trend, but the snake-skin-print straps also add so much character to it. It is a pair that I can think of myself wearing at multiple occasions- from an office environment to a dinner party, from brunch with girlfriends to a date night with my boy…


Blogger Mo (The Lion Hunter) and I
Blogger Assa (My Curves and Curls) and I

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you spotted your favourite piece(s) from today’s post. If didn’t, don’t worry. You can always go to one of The Shoe Company stores to check them out. I’d love to hear your picks.


Photography: Stephen Foks

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