Trend Trunk Blogger Fashion Week

Hi all,
Have you heard about the second Trend Trunk Blogger Fashion Week? If you haven’t, I highly suggest you to check it out. From May 8th to 11th, you can shop your favourite bloggers’ closets directly online (mine included :p). Almost 100 fashion and beauty bloggers are participating in this fashion week, so I’m sure you would find something you like.

And as one of the sponsors, Milestone is giving away $50 dollars gift card EACH Day! All you need to do is “click” the VOTE button to vote for me either through Twitter or Facebook on My Page. Of course, you not only can be a buyer on Trend Trunk, but also a seller too. We all have those pre-loved pieces that we are no longer in love with; that beautiful dress we got as a gift which unfortunately is not our style; that pair of shoes we love but never been worn once…The story goes on and on, but you can actually start making money from now. Anyway, enough talks from me. Good luck and have fun!

你们听说了最近由Trend Trunk举办的博主时尚周了嘛?如果没有的话,我强力推荐你去看看。从五月8号到11号,几乎有100名时尚和美容博主在网上卖他们的爱品(也包括我自己在内啦)。所以我相信你一定可以找到一些自己喜欢的东西。而且你不仅可以买,当然还可以成为卖家哦。我相信你们和我一样,会有那件我们曾经很爱但是现在却不太感冒的衣服,有那么一条朋友送的裙子却完全不是我们的风格,或者是那双我们打折时买的鞋子却不太合脚所以从来没穿过。别犹豫了啦,开始清理衣柜并挣钱吧。


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