Hilroy: Back to School with Fashion

When I received an invitation from Fathom Communications for Hilroy’s Back-to-School event, honestly, I hesitated. Should I go? I’m neither a student anymore(even though sometimes I wish I still was), nor have any children. But out of curiosity, I still made my way to the presentation. I have to say I made a right call.

Hilroy has everything to offer for more than just students and teachers- from classic and practical binders to fashion-forward notebooks, and from back-to-school packages to home office supplies. The beautiful colours, cute prints and creative designs really made me miss school all over again. I couldn’t help myself but thinking: “Oh man, why we didn’t have this back in the day?” And guess what, most of the stuff is already in stores. So if you’d like to avoid that end-of-August shopping crowd, I suggest that you check them out now in Target, Walmart or some other retailers. As for me, I especially have my eyes on Nate Berkus‘s collection and will be heading to Target in no time.


从学生的文具到老师的用品,从经典实用的到前卫有创意的,从各种文具用品到居家办公品,他们家应有尽有。漂亮的色彩,可爱的图案,富有新意的设计让我再次萌生想要当学生的冲动。我不得不想:哎,为什么我们当时没有这样的文具呢?还有哦,大部分东西已经在塔吉特,沃尔玛等商场开始销售了。所以如果你不想凑八月低的购物热闹的话,我建议你还是尽早去看看吧。我呢,已经看重了Nate Berkus系列的东西啦。

Before making my way out, I was asked to play a game. In order to win all the candies from the event, I had to guess how many gum balls are in the jar. Can you guess what’s the number I put down? What’s your guess?


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