Shop to Spread Love- The Body Shop X War Child
买礼物,传达爱-美体小铺和War Child

Hi guys, did you spend your weekend doing Christmas shopping? If you’re still on the hunt to find something special for your families and friends, I highly recommend these gift boxes from The Body Shop. In their joyful stores, there is a wide variety of hand-picked selection for everyone- for the taste and the budget. From body care to skin care products, from make-ups to fragrances, and from their best-sellers to just-added products, The Body Shop really is an one stop shop for everything. If you are like me who is bad at packaging gifts, these pre-packed gift boxes will sure be your life savers.



Holiday is not only an occasion for special gathering, but should also be about giving, sharing and spreading love. During this holiday season, The Body Shop is teaming up with War Child, a non-for-profit organization aiming to help children living in war zones. For every gift you buy, no matter how big or small, The Body Shop will make a contribution that funds a class for a child in a war-torn area (learn more here).   So your gift to your friend can mean something so much bigger and deeper.

节日不只是一个大家聚在一起的好时机,同时也是一个分享和做好事的时候。当你在合家团聚时,在世界的另一边却有很多需要温暖的人们。一向喜欢做善事的美体小铺,今年也不意外。几年的节日期间,他们与非营利组织War Child合作。你每买一份礼物,无论是大是小,他们都会捐出教育基金来给那些被战争影的孩子们。(详情)所以小小的礼物,却可以具有更加深远的意义。

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Mr. S and I started to sponsor Anna through another world charity organization a couple of years ago. Seeing her growth over the year and ability to go to school is truly rewarding. Now The Body Shop is helping you to make contributions in such an easier way- shopping for your loved ones while spreading love to the children on the other side of the planet. Please make sure to let the recipients know the story behind the gifts because I’m sure they will feel extra loved as they are now part of something beautiful.



Thank you so much for reading! A holiday gift guide will soon be posted on the blog. I can assure you it will be a very special one. Stay tuned.


These gift boxes were sent to me to review, however, opinions and views are all mine.


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