“Nail” Your Halloween

Hi all, Happy Halloween Eve! Are you guys going to dress up this year?  Today I’m sharing two beauty products that can help you look great with less effort. It’s perfect for a last minute Halloween makeover.

I’m not a manicure expert and hardly have any skills or time to take care of my nails. But trust me, these press-on manicure from Broadway Nails really saved me a lot of hassle. All you need to do is picking the right size for each finger, pealing off the application and then pressing it on. Yes, it’s just that easy- literally takes 5 seconds per nail. One thing I have to mention though is that I don’t really like long nails. They ARE beautiful but just not for me.  It bothers me when my nails get too long. It makes texting message or typing much more difficult and taking eye-contacts off nearly impossible. So these temporary press-on nails are perfect for someone like me- easy to put on and off for a short period of time with a low cost.


我必须要申明的是,我不是一个美甲专家,也没有那么多时间和技巧来把我的指甲每天都弄得美美的。所以这个Broadway Nails的假指甲贴就真的帮我省了不少麻烦。整个过程非常简单,你只要找对适合你每个指甲大小的指甲贴,然后把保护层撕掉并贴上即可。就这么简单。一个指甲只要五秒钟。我这个人呢对长指甲不太感冒,它们的确很美,但是不适合我。只要我的指甲长太长了,我就浑身不自在,感觉不能好好的传简讯,打字,甚至不能摘掉我的隐形眼镜。所以这种指甲贴就最适合像我这样的人了-简单上手,省时省力省钱。


I DIY this “Pumpkin Lady” and don’t have a name for her yet. So if you have a suggestion, I’d like to hear! …..Okay, enough of the spooky talks. When it comes to halloween makeups, false eye lashes are very vital. Whether it’s a dramatic high volume one or a natural-looking pair, false eye lashes can add a lot more character or drama to a Halloween look. I’m using the “Shy” false eye lashes by KISS on my pumpkin girl and also worn it to the World MasterCard Fashion Week as well. It just looks so natural that you wouldn’t be able to tell if I’m actually wearing false lashes or not. And that’s the result I’m looking for. Also, Kiss just launched a new lash adhesive that is tinted black, so now you can even skip the eyeliner process. How amazing is that?


Halloween-pumpkin-diy halloween-pumpkin-girl kiss-fake-eye-lashes mini-house-halloween

No matter what’s your plan for Halloween, I wish you have a blast!


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