MaskerAide Sheet Masks Review

I’ve been on the hunt for a perfect sheet mask for a while, but haven’t found the ideal products till recently when Charming Media asked me to give MaskerAide’s masks a try.

I have to admit that I absolutely fell in love with the creamy and rich texture of their masks and the fresh and hydrated feeling after the use. During fashion week, I was busy with work by day and hitting the runways at night. So not only my body felt exhausted, so did my skin. These masks really came in handy to combat the tired-looking skin while keeping it hydrated.

我自从来到加拿大以后就一直在找最好用的面膜,但是一直没有找到。直到最近有人寄了几张Maskeraide的面膜让我试试,我才感觉总算是找到了那个完美的他。 哈哈。我不得不承认他们家的面膜真的很好用,质地很清爽,也很容易吸收。再加上用完之后感觉脸部的水分被锁住了,非常紧绷和滋润。就在上个星期的时装周期间,我不仅白天要上班晚上还要参加各场时装秀,整个人累倒不行,肌肤也明显缺水。不过在使用了他们家面膜之后,脸部的水分都感觉更加充足了,就想充了电一样。

They have six different types- from lighter serum-texture masks to heavier ones that can be used right before bed . So whether you are looking for an insistent beautiful recover or a weekly/daily beauty routine, I think you could find the perfect ones just for you. I personally really enjoyed ALL NIGHTER as it’s not as thick and so can be used in my daily routine after cleanser and toner.

他们家总共有六款面膜:有像精油一样比较轻盈的也有专门在睡觉前使用的比较厚重的。反正无论你是想要一款能给你的肌肤带来及时效应的还是准备每天/每周来充电的,我都相信你能找到那款最适合你的。我个人比较喜欢 all nighter这款,因为它比较轻盈,所以可以加入到每天的护肤程序中,在洗完脸,涂完爽肤水之后适用。

If I have to pick on one thing that I’m not satisfied with, then I’d say it would be the cost. $5.99 for a mask doesn’t break your wallet, but it does add up. If I choose to use it twice a week, I will end up spending almost $50 a month… But, spending triple the amount at a salon might just get you the same result. So having this mind, spending $50/month doesn’t seem as much anymore. Don’t you think?


Check out here to see the closest locations near you. Please let me know how you like it.
Thank you so much for reading!


Photography: Stephen Foks

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