Hair Make-over at Initium Salon

Hi guys, did you have a good weekend?

It has been few years since I went to a salon to get my hair done. I know! I should do this more often. But I was dramatized by an unpleasant experience when I was in high school, so I’ve always been afraid of letting someone else do my hair. Ha. Ha. One of my friends recommended me to a fresh concept hair salon, Initium Hair, an all-in-one place that allows you to get your hair done while enjoying a cup of lattle or some afternoon snacks. How awesome is that?

嗨亲们, 你们周末过得咋样啊?

我已经有好几年没去发廊里做头发了。我知道啊,我确实应该多去弄弄头发。只是在我小的时候,我曾经有一次非常不愉快的经历,所以现在我每次要剪头发或者换个造型的话,我都要做很久的心理准备,生怕效果会很糟糕。不过,在经一个好朋友推荐,我决定尝试一家非常具有特色的发廊-Initium Hair。你可以在做头发的同时,来一杯拿铁或者吃点小吃什么的。简直是享受啊。

Photography: Dina Ding 

Hope you like my new hair style. Talk soon!


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