Fall/Winter Skin Care Routine

Hi guys,

As the weather getting chilly and dry, our skin also needs extra protection and moisture in order to stay smooth and hydrated. Today, I’d like to share my fall/winter daily skin care routine and some of the beauty products that I use religiously.

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post. Opinions are my own.





For my morning skin care, I’d prefer serum and moisturizer that are fairly lighter and breathable. The Body Shop‘s newest SHISO collection has been my favourite products since the texture is very  gentle yet is still able to provide that high moisture I need for the day.

白天的护肤呢,我一般倾向于比较轻盈透气的精华乳和面霜。美体小铺近日推出的亮白系列就特别适合我。它不仅涂上脸感觉很轻盈, 同时也给肌肤提供其需要的水分和滋润。


For my nights, I usually go for products that are much heavier and thicker in order to give my skin an extra moisturizing treatment. And I HAVE TO share Kiehl’s  Rosa night cream with you. It has been my absolute favourite night cream for a couple of years now. Although I’ve tried some other brands or products, I always kept coming back to this one.



Thank you so much for reading! Please let me know if you’ve found some great beauty products for fall/winter. I’d love to try them out! Stay hydrated!


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