Artdeco 2014 Miami Summer Collection

To be honest, I had never heard of Artdeco till I met Lisa from Punch Communications a few weeks back. She asked me if I’d like to give this Germany’s leading makeup brand a try. I kindly agreed. And after I came home and did some research, I found out this multi-award winning brand is now represented in over 70 countries, including Canada, and many Asian counties, like China and Korea. They also have plenty of innovative products and offers customers a high-end result with an affordable price.


Although many online reviews indicated that Artdeco has a lot of signature products, such as their Eyeshadow base, the Mineral Fluid Foundation, and more, I can’t tell you my opinion since I haven’t tried those products yet. However, I did get to try out some beautiful cosmetics from their 2014 Miami Summer Collection and the Perfect Teint Concealer.The all in one liquid liner is quite nice. I really love how soft the brush is. I’m not even kidding. When putting the eye liner on, I felt that my eye lid was getting a great massage.

尽管很多网上的评论都认为雅寇有很多不可多得的明星产品,比如他们家的亮眼光彩护底霜和矿物粉底液等,但因为我自己没试过,所以我不想加以评论。不过呢,我可以分享一下我使用过的这几个产品。他们家的all in one眼线液还真挺不错的。刷毛特别的细致。不怕你笑话,我在涂的时候,感觉是在给自己的上眼皮按摩呢。

If you are looking for a heavy and flawless coverage, the Teint Concealer might not be for you as it offers a fairly natural and lighter effect.


Last and also my favourite from their Miami Collection is the all in one mascara. First of all, it’s a limited edition (The fact that it won’t be available forever makes me want it more). And secondly, it really offers a long-lasting and luminous effect.

最后呢,想介绍我最终爱的产品,那就是限量版all in one睫毛膏啦。它涂上后非常持久,而且也相当浓密。

The whole Miami collection was available in select Shoppers Drug Mart locations from the end of June. I will definitely get my hands on more Artdeco products. 

Thank you so much for reading! Talk soon!



Photography: Stephen Foks


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  • Laura Herchel

    I’ve been loving this mascara! Great review


    • Sasha Xiao

      Thank you Laura! :))