6 of My Recent Favourite Beauty Products

Hi guys,

How are you? As you may already know,  I’m not a beauty junkie so I don’t usually spend a lot of money buying new beauty products just to test out. I like to stick with the ones I love and familiar with. However, when I was browsing in Sephora the other day, some unique packages caught my attention. After trying out few newbies, I can’t wait to share some of my recent favourite beauty products with you. 




1. Tarte Flashes Statement Mascara  $28 CAD (here)

With this mascara, it was definitely love at first sight. The gold and black faux leather package really made it standout. The dual-molded brush allows you to apply it in two steps to create fairly exaggerated and voluminous eyelashes.



2. NUDESTIX Magnetic Eye Color (Glit) $28 CAD (here)

This is another example of unique package really works well with customers. I’m not often on the hunt for eyeshadows since I don’t usually put on any unless it’s special occasions or a girls-night-outs. However, Nudestix’s unique-designed boxes totally stood out to me. When I was informed that the brand is created by two Canadian sisters and their mom, I was instantly sold. Not only the application is super easy to apply on, this long-lasting eyeshadow is also offering the perfect natural touch to a nude look. I just love it!

这个黑色的铁盒子包装完全占据了我的心,让我难以抗拒。我一般不会涂眼影,除非是特别日子或者girls night out之类的,所以我很少买眼影。不过当我知道这个牌子是加拿大的两个姐妹和她们的妈妈一起成立的时候,我决定要买来试试。这个画笔试的眼影不仅很容易上妆,持久性特别好,而且还能轻松地打造出一种简约的妆容。


3. The Body Shop Cleansing Balm $16 CAD (here)

I can see how the name “cleansing balm” could be very confusing. But it’s actually a make-up remover. I have to say this is one of the best make-up removers that I’ve ever tired. First of all, the Camomile smell is very refreshing. I enjoy it every time I open the tin. The balm slowly melts on your face while you are applying it on and it doesn’t leave you with dry and scrabbled feeling.


The-Body-Shop-cleasing-creamthe-body-shop-makeup-remover beauty-Tutorial

4. Sibu Sea buckthorn Seed Oil $15.95 (here)

Honestly, I had never heard of this brand till Charming Media sent their products to me to try out. I absolutely love this paraben-free and cruelty-free seed oil. Although I’m not a big fan of its strong scent, the oil is definitely like a spa treatment to your skin, except it’s much cheaper.

老实说,在Charming 公司寄给我Sibu家的产品之前,我从来都没听说过这个品牌。我必须承认我非常喜欢他们家的这款不带苯甲酸酯的纯天然无籽油。虽然味道不是太好味,但是用起来简直和美容院的效果没什么两样。


5. Nivea tin sized cream

I’ve been loving this product since the minute I received it. The tin, the smell, oh my, I’m loving it! As you can see in the picture below, I’m already half way done. It’s perfect for a dry Canadian winter.


6. DDM Cosmetics Lip & Cheek tint $20CAD (here)

I personally know the owner/ designer of DDM cosmetics and was offered to try out this great product. This will be the most “stubborn” lipstick you would ever try. After a couple of meals (even kisses), this lipstick will still stay on perfectly. One thing I’d like to warm you though is that you may have to find the best make-up remover if you decide to get this lipstick. LOL


Thank you so much for reading! Talk soon!


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