Friday, July 25, 2014

Warby Parker Launches Beacon Collection

American popular eyewear Warby Parker just launched their newest Beacon Collection with trendy glasses that allow you to look fun and cute yet sophisticated and polished.

   美国当红眼镜品牌  Warby Parker 的最新 Beacon 系列刚刚上市。这个系列的眼镜可以让你戴起来既可爱阳光又不失稳重和成熟。

On Monday, we talked about accommodating outfits with your partners (here) and now we can add one more way to look fashionable together- wearing statement eyewear. From day to night, from office meeting to work party, from 9-to-5 chic to evening glam, from coffee hang-out to dinner date, from Chinese take-outs to fine dinning restaurants, a pair of Beacon can easily help you to make that perfect transition. I know eh! Such a magical accessory piece!

周一我们才聊到如何打造情侣装 (这里),今天我们可以再加一种能让你和你的那位一起走在时尚前沿的方法,那就是搭配好看的眼镜。无论是从白天到晚上,从上班到之后同事聚会,从朝九晚五的商务装到晚上的盛装打扮,从咖啡小聚到约会,从中餐外卖到高级餐厅,一副Beacon的眼镜都可以帮你进行一个完美的角色转换。是的,它的设计使其成为一个百战皆胜的饰品。

And the best part? While looking great, you can also feel good as well because of Warby Parker's Buy A Pair, Give A Pair project. Through their work, over 100 million pairs of glasses have already been distributed to people who live in places that has no access to eyewear. 

As someone who is short-sighted, the very first thing I do EVERY single morning is reaching for my glasses. I remember on a Christmas day morning, Mr.S's family and I were sitting around opening presents. Since my glasses was nowhere to be found, I was't able to see everybody's reaction or facial expressions. "Are they looking at me?" "Are they smiling?" "How do they like my presents?"... I was thinking all of that to myself. That was one of the most devastating moments of my life. So it's very hard to image that over 700 million people on this planet still have no access to eyewear. Warby Parker is truly doing something amazing!  And now you can be part of this project too.  This is the best example of fashion meets love and gesture! 

最重要地是,通过他们的买一副,给予一副的项目,你不仅可以走在时尚的前沿,还可以做善事呢。这个项目到目前已经给出超过一亿副眼镜了。对于有近视眼的我来说,每天早上我做的第一件事就是到处抓我的眼睛。我记得有年圣诞节早上,我在S先生家和他的一家人坐在一起拆礼物。由于我那天不知道把眼镜放哪里了,完全看不见别人的各种眼神和表情。那可谓是我觉得最沮丧的时刻了。我难以想象全世界有超过7亿人没有办法买到或支付得起眼镜。所以我觉得Warby Parker的这个公益事业真的做的很好。现在你也可以帮助他们继续做善事。这就是当时尚和爱相遇的美好故事。

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

On The Go: Bright Orange and Cobalt Blue

Hi everyone, 
I'd just like to say a quick hello and hope your Wednesday is going well. :)


Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Today's bright orange and cobalt blue look is actually inspired by the bracelet I'm wearing. 
As you may already know, I have an affinity for bright and bold colours. Whether it's in a hot summer day or on a chilly winter morning, I always intend to build my outfit up from some colourful pieces or to brighten a darker look by intergrading some vibrant coloured accessories. 


statement-necklace, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

 joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look, printed-leopard-skirt

Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Blue-Floppy-hat, joe-fresh-bright-orange-blouse, summer-look

Photography: Stephen Foks

Necklace: Thanks to Olsen  (similar here)
Hat: Kind Exchange (current, get it here, last seen here)
Blouse: Joe Fresh (get it here)
Skirt: Club Monaco (old, similar here)
Shoes: Payless Shoes
Bag: ChicWish (here)
Bracelet: J.Crew (old, similar here)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Fashion In Pairs

Wearing the same outfit from head to toe has been many Asian couples' favourite way to show their intimacy, love, harmony, and of course, their similar tastes in fashion and style. However, this trend has never been very popular in Europe or North America since western couples intend to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.  Thus, wearing the exact shirt in different sizes just seem too cheesy to them. In today's post, I'd to share with you few ways to accommodate your outfits with one another. You can make your "love birds" statement while keep your personal style.


1. One Piece, Two Ways To Wear

From Seoul to Shanghai, many Asian couples would wear the exact same piece in different colours or sizes to make a strong statement- we love and belong to each other. But if this is too heavy for you, don't worry. You can always re-style a unisex shirt and add your own twist to it. You would be very surprised to see how many ways there are to style a shirt. So come on, why not put your own creativity and authenticity into it?

1。 同款衣服,两种穿法

2. Make a "Shoe Statement"

If wearing the same outfit from head to toe is not your thing, you can always choose to match each other's shoes. This isn't a new thing though as many people will match their shoes with brands like Converse as it has a more unisex and neutral look. I encourage you to take it to the next level by picking up shoes that have a fashion-forward yet classic design to it. 


3. Accommodate "You and Me"

I'd say accommodating each other by choosing the similar colour palette has now become the most trendy way to present a "fashion-in-pairs" statement. It not only is able to "say" what you want to share, but also can tone down the cheesiness and boldness. However, I believe this needs skills and talents along with some practice. I highly recommend you to try to put together a black-and-white look when you're just starting out.

3。 颜色搭配


4. Cozy Together

Last and definitely not the least is matching each other's outwear. From a well-tailored blazer to a classic trench coat and from a sporty varsity to a denim jacket, couples are getting cozy together on streets from around the world. This should be the easiest and most effective way to present your love for each other. 

4。 一起暖和


Being fashionable together doesn't have to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend. You can try to accommodate your outfit with your best friend, children, or even siblings. 


So, what do you think of the idea of "fashion in pairs"? Would you try to do it? Out of the 4 ways I shared today, which one is your fav.?



Friday, July 18, 2014

Hilroy: Back to School with Fashion

When I received an invitation from Fathom Communications for Hilroy’s Back-to-School event, honestly, I hesitated. Should I go? I'm no longer a student (even though sometimes I wish I still was), or don’t have any children. But out of curiosity, I still made my way to the presentation. I have to say I made a right call. 

Hilroy has everything to offer for more than just students and teachers- from classic and practical binders to fashion-forward notebooks, and from back-to-school packages to home office supplies. The beautiful colours, cute prints and creative designs really made me miss school all over again. I couldn't help myself but thinking: "Oh man, why we didn't have this back in the day?" And guess what, most of the stuff is already in stores. So if you’d like to avoid that end-of-August shopping crowd, I suggest that you check them out now in Target, Walmart or some other retailers. As for me, I especially have my eyes on Nate Berkus's collection and will be heading to Target in no time. :p 


从学生的文具到老师的用品,从经典实用的到前卫有创意的,从各种文具用品到居家办公品,他们家应有尽有。漂亮的色彩,可爱的图案,富有新意的设计让我再次萌生想要当学生的冲动。我不得不想:哎,为什么我们当时没有这样的文具呢?还有哦,大部分东西已经在塔吉特,沃尔玛等商场开始销售了。所以如果你不想凑八月低的购物热闹的话,我建议你还是尽早去看看吧。我呢,已经看重了Nate Berkus系列的东西啦。

Hilroy-event, love-signs
gum-balls, colourful-candies
love-signs, gum-balls, colourful-candies,media-event
hilroy-notebook, polka-dot, stripes-black-and-white
Colourful-foam-carpet. candies

Hilroy-back-to-school-notebook, cute-cat

cute-notebook, cats-and-dogs

cute-print-notebook, colourful

Before making my way out, I was asked to play a game. In order to win all the candies from the event, I had to guess how many gum balls are in the jar. Can you guess what's the number I put down? What's your guess?


colourful-gum-balls-candies, hilroy-back-to-school-event


Monday, July 14, 2014

Mono Mood

Hi all, did you guys watch any World Cup games this weekend? Although I have always been and always will be a Brazil fan, I still have to admit that Germany did put on many great performances along the way and is well-deserved to be the first European champaign on a South American land.  

monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse, nude-pumps

Now, let's get back to my look today. I've been wanting to create a monochromatic look for a while, but didn't get the right inspiration to make it happen till I rediscovered this neon-ish orange shorts that I bought last year from H&M. I think the key to create a mono look is to play with different textures and layerings. Of course you can wear the exact same shade and fabric from head to toe, but I think mix and match makes pairing more fun and interesting. 

BCBGeration-sun-glasses, sunnies, fashion-blogger
monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse
monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse

monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse, Zara-bag
monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse-with-collar
monochromatic-summer-look, neon-orange, floral-blouse, TopShop-Lipstick

monochromatic-summer-look, neon, floral-blouse, Orange-Lipstick
Retro-Sunnies, Orange-Tote

Are you interesting in creating a mono look? Or you hope this trend will go away?

Thank you very much for reading!

Photography: Stephen Foks

Top: J.Crew (old, similar here | here)
Blouse: Club Monaco (old, love this one)
Shorts: H&M (old, similar here)
Bag: Zara (old, similar here | here)
Shoes: Ivanka Trump (old, similar here)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Olsen Fall/Winter Collection Preview

The journey of being a blogger has truly been an eye-opener for me as I often get introduced to brands that I weren't very familiar with. Olsen was one of them. However, after invited to their Fall/Winter 2014 Collection Preview a couple of days ago and had a sneak peek of their gorgeous ready-to-wear pieces, I will never forget about this brand. I even asked myself why I didn't get to know it earlier.

This kind of preview sometimes could turn into a huge tease because it's usually one or two season ahead and so the collection won't drop in stores till months later. However, many of Olsen's fall pieces will actually be available in August. We are almost there, aren't we?


Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, cardigan-knitwear
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, cardigan-knitwear

After I arrived, one of Olsen's brand representative gave us a brief presentation and introduction about the brand and some signature pieces from their fall/winter collection. I was told Olsen is known for its knitwear and unique fabric choices, but I didn't really believe it till later when I had a closer look at the pieces and touched the fabrics with my own hands. From black and white print blouse to oversized trousers with faux leather details, Olsen is always able to offer that classic and versatile piece with a unique "Olsen" twist. Although I find their pieces are little bit pricy, I do believe there still are plenty of great investment items should be added to my fall and winter collection.

Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, black-and-white-print-blouse
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, cardigan-knitwear
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, indigo-blazer-jacket
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, oversized-trousers-with-faux-leather-details
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, cardigan-knitwear, sweaters

Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, Bags
Olsen-2014-fall-winter-preview, black-and-white-tote-bag

Thank you so much for reading! Have a great weekend!